How to use a pole saw-Practical guidelines To Make it Easy

As a professional woodcutter to Cutting a thick vine or branch of a tree is a simple work the reason, he will use some digital system for his safety. When you are going to do it, you can face many problems. It’s too hard and risky when you think to cut a piece of thick branch or vine you can’t reach from the ground. There are three ways to solve this problem: prune from a ladder, use a pole saw, or call for a professional.

Let’s discuss how to use a pole saw with proper safety and entirely. If you are using my strategy, I will promise, You will be protected when you cut the branch or vine.

However, working on high wood can be very dangerous that a reason I want to warn.

Most of the people are unfamiliar with the pole saw they are familiar with many commons saw as the miter saw, chain saw, circular saw, electrical saw.

Take some cautions:
Doesn’t use a pole saw the empty body, wear snug-fitting clothes, boots, and hand gloves for your safety.
Since you are pruning wood standing on the ground so, it dangerous to your face and head.
Using a helmet is the best protector for your head. It will save you from danger, wear ear and eye protectors. My suggestion you can use goggles can protect your eye.
Keep clean, your work area form people and animals and especially the kids. Extra crowds call for danger.
Collect a plug for using your extension cord this time you ready for your work.
Pole saws are longer than 8 feet, that a reason it makes heavy and dangerous to work time.
Never work near power lines or a branch in which any part can be touche the power line.
These rules to your safety you must be abiding by this. I think you’ll be safe if you don’t break the rules. So, it’s better for you should take this advice seriously. God bless you.

Work Planning: (How to Use a Pole Saw)

According to an expert: planning should be done before work. So at first select, a perfect time doesn’t do this work at night it could be harmful to you. Take the best pole saw that makes your work great.

General Guide:

If you are finished your work correctly without any wrong, then my guideline is very important to you. Listen, higher branches of the tree are very difficult to cut. In case you fail one time, you can’t again start the same day, will wait for the next day. Recheck all the products make sure everything is all right. Now analysis the place for the next step.

Observation of place:

It is so important to observe before starting work otherwise. It will take a long time to work. Quickly select the field you need for your job. See the place deep attentively if you notice there( workplace) anything like the power line, net, and toys you must to move there. And Select branches from lower height first.

Select branch:

A tree has lots of branches; some are smooth and some thick. You start lower part of the tree because if you want to cut the upper part of the tree, you could not reach from the ground properly. It saves you time and adjusts your pole with the tree branch.

Rules for handling saw:

At first, you know how to handle a pole saw, how to grip it with many things. Stand flat land with a stable position do your feet apart. Remember, you don’t stand any slippery or wet ground it can be dangerous. Take the pole in your any hand which you like your arm must be straight with strong. Now press the button, you can see it will be running for cutting wood.

Which lower branch you need to cut:

That is a big problem for a woodcutter, to choose the best branch for the cut and they cannot decide where to start at first? I recommend, at first, you will select which part you want to cut. If you do not do that, you can flow my way it will speak the right way, in a short time.

First of all, see your tree lower row and select any suitable for you. You start from the lower part of the tree because you can easily reach the bottom part from the ground; it makes a raw for a higher one. It will make your job easier and move on to the next task much faster.

You’re Position Balance:

Your position should be good to reduce fatigue. Position a bit away from the tree but not too far away. Some distance will reduce your tiredness and time. It helps to see the tree organ or adjust the saw blade on the tree branch properly.

Position the Saw between Your Hands:

In this section, I want to share another important factor. When you work the pole saw you can handle it your choice like, if you are left-handed then you can use the left hand, if you are right-handed, you will use your right hand as your comfortableness in the job time.

Begin Pruning with Your Saw:

In this time, you get a position to cut the branch. To start up, press the button, it will begin running at full speed you can decrease saw speed.

However, make sure to prune from the underneath of the thick when you want to a cut jump. Doesn’t give over force, it will be slipped or can bring danger. When you are cutting the sloped branch, be a little careful because anytime the handle can be a slip. Never raise your arms over your head if you can afford it then and stay in control. You can help yourself to a good job.

Final Work:

While fall first branch of the tree, you need to observe nearly and leave it in a safe place. Then clean this place and go for the next one. You can apply this technique until your work finish. At last, complete your work clean your area.


How does pole saw work?
Pole saw has two-part first is extension pole the second part is a chain saw. When we adjust two-part, it makes the pole saw.

You can easily cut down the tall branches of trees, using a pole saw. Because when you set extension and saw it makes 8 feet over. You can more increase pole saw extension just like you, it is easily accessible at any branch.

What pole saw is best?
I think the Electrical pole saw is best.

How to sharpen a pole saw blade?
Some people pole saw use regularly, so sharpen the pole saw is necessary for them. For regular using the blade, the blade in touch some dirty, you must remove this dirt at first.

Collected some oil and a soft cloth. Rub with cloth for cleaning the blade when the blades were clear, use oil then you can see it has been clearer than ever.

Now you need a piece of iron. Take it and use place the two teeth of the blade in between and Keep rubbing. Rub it 8 to 10 times to make your pole saw blade sharp.

How long is a pole saw?
Pole is famous for its long-range. It will be around 10- feet and a horizontal hacksaw-like blade on the last part.

Can you rent a pole saw?
I think to rent a pole saw is not available everywhere it’s better to buy a new pole saw. But, the rent pole saw is available at some old shops. If you need to rent a pole saw you can contract the old shops.

When to use a pole saw?
Use during the day. Don’t use it morning time.

Can I Use a Pole Saw on a Ladder?
It is dangerous to use ladders when trimming the upper branches from the ground. It’s comfortable to use a pole saw it easy and less dangerous for an unprofessional person.

Whatever, pole saw use to trim the upper branch off the ground so that the ladder is not used. If you see, the branch which you want to prune it too much high and you cannot reach in the ground. In this time my suggestion calls a professional. If you are a brave man with enough knowledge, you can try it.

Conclusion – How to use a pole saw:
We provide you lots of knowledge about using a pole saw. A pole saw is beneficial equipment to pruning high range tree branches. If you are new, please read our guidelines and use them properly in your practical work but remember safety and security depend on you.

Lastly, I would like to say that I have been able to give you a good sense of how to use a pole saw.

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